2015 BIRW Press Releases

June 26, 2015 - pdfPress Release
June 25, 2015 - pdfPress Release
June 24, 2015 - pdfPress Release
June 23, 2015 - pdfPress Release
June 22, 2015 - pdfPress Release
June 21, 2015 - pdfPress Release
June 10, 2015 - pdfPress Release
March 26, 2015 - pdfPress Release
February 24, 2015 - pdfPress Release
December 8, 2014 - pdfPress Release

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appThe organizing committee for the Storm Trysail Club’s 50th anniversary Block Island Race Week has launched a new app for use with iOS and Android operating systems.

Read the pdfPress Release and to learn more about the new app.

Click HERE for the IOS app version.

Click HERE for the Android app version.

Registration is now closed for the 2015 Block Island Race Week (BIRW), the 50th anniversary of this iconic East Coast sailing regatta organized by the Storm Trysail Club. Race Week 2015 is scheduled for June 21-26 and includes multiple races per day, lots of shoreside activities, and a Round the Island Race. In addition, this year’s event includes several new initiatives, including new classes of boats that will be invited to race and an emphasis on youth and environmental awareness.

This year’s Race Week will introduce another first for the Storm Trysail Club. We will be moving towards making the regatta a more environmentally sustainable event. We will be following actions outlined in the Sailors for the Sea Clean Regattas protocol.

Click pdfHERE to learn more about BIRW's Sustainability program

Click HERE for regatta information

Click pdfHERE for IRC and PHRF Requirements

The Storm Trysail Club announces its leadership team for the 50th Anniversary of Block Island Race Week to be held June 21-26, 2015:

Peter Rugg - Chairman
Dick Neville - PRO
John Fisher - Co-Chair, Onshore
Eric Kreuter - Co-Chair, Onshore
Brad Dellenbaugh - Jury Chairman
Marcy Trenholm - Director Administration
Ed Cesare - Director Technology
Joe Cooper - Director Participation
Dan Faria - Director Sponsorship
Joey Moffitt - Director Social Media
Barry Gold - Feeder Race Coordinator
Tom Delaney - Media Director
Whitney Rugg - Clean Regatta Coordinator
Meredith Rugg - Housing Coordinator
Dr. Willie Faragulli - Special Advisor
Steve and Lisa Draper - Site Coordinators



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